Because it’s time for a change! The US system of higher education is a rigid, overpriced,

bureaucratic cartel which serves itself rather than students.


The American system of higher education isĀ  monopolistic where government excludes

competition, and is indifferent to the results produced as long as taxpayer money continues to

flow into the system.


Our goal is to change the current system to allow for Freedom of Choice in Education!

There is no justification for the cost of higher education in this country. The availability

of easy federal education loans encourages a monopolistic system to exist that resists

competition and innovation.


Government programs are never efficient because they exist for political reasons not

for authentic purposes. Higher education in the US is another government program

that is overpriced and under performs because the incentives are misplaced.


What’s Different About The Graduate University of America, New School of Positive



We provide a system of study which focuses only on the student. Our degree and

board certification programs were designed for adults rather than teenagers.

Our students have real world experience and possess significant levels of knowledge

acquired through training and experience.


The quality of education received depends on the quality of the effort made by the

student and the quality of the material studied. It is a myth that one receives a

better education at Harvard or some other Ivy League school, or any traditional

college or university, merely by being present at a particular institution. Learning is

something that the student achieves not that which happens with their presence at

an Ivy League school.


United Kingdom, Distance Learning, Oxford and Cambridge


The United Kingdom has been the world leader in distance learning for centuries.

Distance learning degrees have the same prestige as residential degrees. As a

former colonial power.


England’s distance learning degrees were the engine of education for the rest of

the world. Their system persists and flourishes to this day.


The Failure of American Higher Education


Unfortunately, in the United States, because of a failure to allow for freedom of choice

in educational opportunity, some people believe that real education cannot take place

unless one is sitting in a classroom.


That’s not where learning occurs. It occurs in the mind of the student and can be achieved

without ever stepping foot in a classroom. Traditional colleges, universities, and tenured

professors resist innovation because it threatens them; they don’t want change, they

only serve themselves, and resist competition. It has nothing to do with learning excellence!


Oxford, Cambridge and other outstanding British universities operate according to a belief

in the preeminence of the student and promote tutoring, research, and distance learning

as valid and important methods which favor the student.


The US system serves itself to the detriment of the student as it is driven by money,

maintaining the status quo, and competition.


The following quote from Abraham Lincoln writing to a young friend wanting to study the

law makes the point rather profoundly as to what it takes to learn, and it has nothing

to do with the institution:


“If you are absolutely determined to make a lawyer of yourself the thing is more than half

done already. It is a small matter whether you read with any one or not. I did not read with

anyone. Get the books and read and study them in their every feature, and that is the main

thing. It is no consequence to be in large town while you are reading. I read at New Salem,

which never had three hundred people in it. The books and your capacity for understanding

them are just the same in all ]places. (…) Always bear in mind that your own resolution to

succeed is more important than any other thing.”