Education is necessary, but not sufficient!


What will you do with this new knowledge?


Establish your own private practice training and consulting organization as a human

behaviorist or positive psychology specialist!


Transform your existing practice as a life coach, executive coach, licensed psychologist, social worker,

counselor, or therapist with the science of positive psychology!

New Direction

Take your life, your practice, and your clients in a new direction. It’s not trying harder that matters; it is trying differently that matters; moving in a new direction will be life transforming!

What is Coaching?

1. “Coaching is a collaborative leadership style used to help clients create successful outcomes for themselves.

2. The coach uses his or her expertise, specialized knowledge, motivational tools, and the science of positive psychology to help clients reach their goals.

3. Coaching may be practiced through seminar presentations, individual mentoring/coaching/consulting, organizational training and organizational leadership.

4. Coaching is a method, not the content. The content, in this context, consists of human behavior and positive psychology principles and practices.”

Neuropsychology/Human Behavior Studies

Human behavior is the most fascinating subject one can study. How we and others think and behave is what makes the world go round. We all want to know why other people, and we ourselves, behave in particular ways, how people think, and why they think the way they do. Is it environment? Is it nurture? Is it gender? Is it brain chemistry? What factors determine how one thinks and how one behaves?

Positive Psychology Studies

Positive psychology is a relatively new scientific field of study that has grown rapidly since its inception in 1998. We now know scientifically exactly what a person needs to do to create a life of happiness, meaning, fulfillment, and purpose. People can create flourishing lives and our board certification program in positive psychology enables students to capture this new knowledge.

We know scientifically that the organizational practice of positive psychology transforms groups of people toward better efficiency, improved working relationships, the accomplishment of tasks and goals close to the optimum, and the fulfillment of the organization’s goals and purposes.


Because we know what is ahead as you start your study of human behavior or positive psychology, we are excited to know that you too will be personally transformed. S hould you have any questions at any time, feel free to call or write.

With best wishes for all good things in your life and for those you love and care for, The Faculty of Human Behavior and Positive Psychology