Positive Psychology seeks to create positive emotions, happiness, and well-being through the

development of character strengths and virtues.


It is a merger of philosophy, psychology, positive thinking, and the importance of attitude.

It asks and answers the age-old questions about the good life, success, happiness and



Positive Psychology is anchored in the study of how to be happy, how to achieve success,

and how to create meaning and purpose for our lives.


“Positive psychology is an exciting new orientation in the field, going beyond psychology’s

traditional focus on illness and pathology to look at areas like well-being and fulfillment.

While the larger question of optimal human functioning is hardly new…positive psychology

offers a common language on this subject to professionals working in a variety of sub-

disciplines and practices. Applicable in many settings and relevant for individuals, groups,

organizations, communities, and societies, positive psychology is a genuinely integrative

approach to professional practice.”


Quoted from Positive Psychology in Practice.


“Authority slavery is one of the biggest enemies of truth. Long live insolence!

It is my guardian angel in this world.”

Albert Einstein