Focus and Attention Strategies

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Improve Focus

Looking Into Inattention and Impulsivity


1. Develop and Maintain Clear Focus (The One-Page Miracle)

What do I want for my life?
Work (To be the best that I can be)
Myself (To be the healthiest person I can be)

2. FOCUS on WHAT YOU LIKE a Lot More than What You DON’T LIKE

3. Have MEANING and EXCITEMENT in Your Life

4. Get ORGANIZED; get HELP when you need it

5. Don’t Be Another Person’s STIMULANT

Don’t yell.

The more his/her voice goes up, the more your voice should go down.

If you feel the situation starting to get out of control, take a break.

Use Humor to defuse the situation (not sarcasm or angry humor).

Be a good listener.

Say you want to understand and work on the situation, but you can do this only when things calm down.


7. Watch Your Prefrontal Cortex Nutrition

Quoted from Change Your Brain, Change Your Life by Daniel G. Amen, MD


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