T h e  G r a d u a t e  U n i v e r s i t y  o f  A m e r i c a

T h e  N e w  S c h o o l  o f  P o s i t i v e

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Our Programs Will Dramatically Change

and Improve Your Life and Work!


The Hottest, Newest, Most Advanced Scientific Fields in Psychology

at the Present Time in History are: Positive Psychology,

Evolutionary Psychology, Neuroscience,

and Behavioral Genetics!


We Offer the Most Scientific, Innovative, and Original Psychology

Degree Programs Available Anywhere in the World!


Do You Have the Self-Discipline to Do the Reading

and Writing? Are You An Independent Thinker

or Do You Wait to be Told What You

Can or Cannot Do by Society?


Traditional American Higher Education Programs are Overpriced,

Poorly Conceived, and Exist to Serve the Bureaucracy,

Tenured Professors, and Administrators!


If you wish to be personally transformed and if you wish to

transform your work with new scientific knowledge, you

must IMMERSE yourself in this material. If you

don’t, you won’t! Please Google the

definition of “Immersion.”


Please Note that Innovators are Always

Criticized by Mediocre People!


“If you aspire to greatness, you need to

stop asking for permission.”


Welcome to Our Internet Home!

The New Science of the Mind, Human Nature and Well-Being!

A New Paradigm in Higher Education for the

Nontraditional Student!


The Joy of Knowledge

It is joyful, pleasurable, and enornously satisfying to study history, human behavior,

and all domains of accumulated human knowledge. Living for millions of years

in one’s own mind is the closest we can come to eternal life lived in but

a single human lifespan. It is a gift and a privilege to be alive!


Important Message

  • It is only through the lens of positive evolutionary psychology that human nature and human behavior can be properly understood.
  • Transform your personal life and practice with the completion of one of our four tracks.
  • Internalizing this new knowledge will radically change your understanding of human behavior, and, more importantly how to improve it!
  • This knowledge is foundational to the practice of positive mental health as a coach, therapist, counselor, consultant, teacher, HR professional, or human being.


  • We offer traditional earned degree programs as well as a fast track degree program.
  • Please see our new Fast Track Degree Program at the bottom third of this page
  • Our programs are APPROVED by and Tuition paid for by the U. S. Federal Government for employees!
  • Our accreditation is RECOGNIZED by the U.S. Department of Education!
  • Hundreds of EMPLOYERS have paid for our programs on behalf of their employees!

Distinctive Benefits

  • Lowest Tuition in America – 12, 18, and 24 Month Payment Plans Available
  • $5,000 Scholarship if You Qualify
  • Finish on Your Own Schedule
  • 100% Online
  • Four Tracks:  Positive Psychology, Neuropsychology, Positive Evolutionary Psychology, and Human Behavior
  • BA, MA, PhD, PsyD, Board Certification
  • Accredited by the American Positive Psychology Association (amppa.org)
  • No Semesters!  No Start Dates!  Customized Learning!
  • Approved by the U.S. Federal Government!
  • Don’t Become a Debt Slave to the Federal student loan program!

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From Martin E. P. Seligman, PhD

“You assuredly do not need to be a licensed psychologist to practice positive psychology

or to be a coach. Freud’s followers made the momentous error of restricting

psychoanalysis to physicians, and positive psychology

is not intended as an umbrella for yet

another self-protective guild.


If you are adequately trained in the techniques of coaching, in the theories of positive

psychology, in valid measurement of the positive states and traits, in the 

interventions that work, and you know when to refer a client

to someone who is more appropriately trained, you

will be, by my lights, bona fide disseminators

of positive psychology.”


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Enroll by July 31, 2024

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Tuition Investment Plans

Degree Programs – 10 Courses

PhD or PsyD Degree – Ten Courses

Positive Psychology, Neuropsychology, Positive Neuropsychology, Evolutionary Psychology, Human Behavior

Full Program Tuition (Books are in addition) – Please request the Program Guide for tuition details

  • A.  Single Pay
  • B.  12 monthly installments
  • C.  18 monthly installments
  • D.  24 monthly installments

Master’s Degree – Ten Courses

Master of Positive Psychology, Neuropsychology, Positive Neuropsychology, Human Behavior

Full Program Tuition (Books are in addition) Please request the Program Guide for tuition details

  • A.   Single Pay
  • B.  12 monthly installments
  • C.  18 monthly installments
  • D.  24 monthly installments

Graduate Certification Programs

Board Certification Programs – 5 Courses

Board Certified Positive Psychology Practitioner

Board Certified Positive Evolutionary Psychology Practitioner

Please request the Program Guide for details.


New Fast Track Degree Program!

Earn a fully accredited PhD or PsyD degree in Positive Evolutionary Psychology!

Earn the Prestigious Credential:  Board Certified Diplomate of Positive Evolutionary Psychology!

Membership in the American Positive Psychology Association!

Program Features

This program is not a walk-in-the-park. It requires real effort, real study, and concentrated writing efforts.

You must have a bachelor’s degree or higher in any field to enroll.

Read and study the Handbook of Human Nature, the Mind, and Happiness.

Take the open book exam of 205 questions on the content of the book.

Upon satisfactory completion of the exam, you will be awarded a PhD or PsyD.

Please request the Program Guide for details.

The degree will be granted by the New School of Positive Psychology at the Graduate University of America.

Our degrees are valid in all states and countries.

You may call yourself “Doctor.”

You may put your degree on your website, business card and anywhere else you choose.

This program is accredited, approved, and sponsored by The American Positive Psychology Association, the

Positive Psychology Foundation, the Graduate University of America, and the New School of Positive Psychology.

Published Author Program

Students enrolled in our traditional programs are required to write a minimum 25 page paper for each of ten courses (2

page summaries per chapter perbook). Upon completion of the program, students will have written a minimum of 250

pages. The compilation of these papers will constitute a record of what you have learned and how you plan on applying

this new knowledge. Your combined work will serve as a draft of your book to be published on Amazon.


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