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  • $5,000 Scholarship if You Qualify
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  • 100% Online
  • Four Tracks:  Positive Psychology, Neuropsychology, Evolutionary Psychology, Human Behavior
  • BA, MA, PhD, Board Certification
  • Accredited by the American Positive Psychology Association (
  • No Semesters!  No Start Dates!  Customized Learning!
  • Approved by the U.S. Federal Government!
  • Don’t Become a Debt Slave to the Federal Government!
  • The Traditional System of American Higher Education Serves Itself, not Students!


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Human behavior is the product of our genetic predispositions and environment.  To improve human behavior one must understand its origin.  Evolutionary psychology is the science of human nature.  Positive psychology is the science of happiness.


Accreditation by

The American Positive Psychology Association (


It is not necessary to be state licensed to practice positive psychology as a positive psychology coach, consultant, counselor, or life/career/executive coaching cognitive neuroscientist.  Our legal experts will show you how to establish a private practice.


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From Martin E. P. Seligman, PhD

“You assuredly do not need to be a licensed psychologist to practice positive psychology or to be a coach. Freud’s followers made the momentous error of restricting psychoanalysis to physicians, and positive psychology is not intended as an umbrella for yet another self-protective guild.

If you are adequately trained in the techniques of coaching, in the theories of positive psychology, in valid measurement of the positive states and traits, in the interventions that work, and you know when to refer a client to someone who is more appropriately trained, you will be, by my lights, bona fide disseminators of positive psychology.”


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Gallup Poll:  An Ivy League Education Does Not Equal Happiness or Success!

“A major new survey by Gallup finds that it isn’t where you go to college that is predictive of whether you are successful at work and happy in life — rather, it matters what you do while you’re in school that counts.”

Now is the time to take the next step to create a future of success and accomplishment. You must take action in order to change your life and create a new direction.  Contact us today.



Our pedagogy is guided self-study.  Each student has an assigned university mentor, student success coach. The Oxford tutorial method of study is guided self-study with mentor.  The Sorbonne method of study is reading and writing.

In distance learning education, that is, guided self-study, you are your own teacher. Your mentor is your guide. The reality is that all students teach themselves through the reading and writing they do.

Whether or not a person learns is up to them and has very little to do with what school they attend.  We learn wherever we are!  Learning depends on the student, not the school.  We teach ourselves.  

Our faculty consists of the authors of the outstanding books and material we use in our programs.  Some of our authors are: Martin Seligman, Jonathan Haidt, Shawn Achor, Barbara Fredrickson, Sonjay Lyubomirsky, William Compton, Edward Hoffman, Pierce Howard, Daniel Amen, Allen D. McNeil, and others.  Your university mentor is your guide and partner.

  1. Read and study the book assigned for each course.
  2. Write an essay of 25 pages (roughly 2 pages per chapter, per book) or more on the book describing the major points and discussing how you will apply this new knowledge.
  3. By the end of your program, you will have written 250 to 350 pages as a compilation of this new body of knowledge.
  4. Completed essays for each course are to be sent to your university mentor by email attachment.


Program Features

  • 100% online.  No residency requirement.  No GRE.
  • Students may begin at any time.  We do not operate on an antiquated semester basis.
  • If you are 35 or older and with a bachelor’s degree, you may be eligible to enroll in the PhD Program.
  • Accreditation by the American Positive Psychology Association ( This accrediting body is recognized by the U. S. Department of Education.
  • The Science of Positive Psychology has replaced traditional psychology as the best means by which people can create flourishing lives.
  • Pursuant to the Oxford Tutorial Method of Study, each student is assigned his or her own personal university mentor and higher education success coach
  • Pursuant to the Sorbonne Method of Study, each student is required to read and write.
  • Ask about our Published Author Program!
  • Ask about our Private Practice Advisory Services!


Tuition Investment Plans

Degree Programs – 10 Courses

PhD Degree – Ten Courses

Positive Psychology, Neuropsychology, Positive Neuropsychology, Human Behavior©

Full Program Tuition

  • A.  $13,389 – $5,000 Scholarship = $8,389
  • B.  Or, 12 monthly installments of $747
  • C.  Or, 18 monthly installments of $516
  • D.  Or, 24 monthly installments of $441


Master’s Degree – Ten Courses

Master of Positive Psychology, Neuropsychology, Positive Neuropsychology, Human Behavior

Full Program Tuition

  • A.  $10,389 – $5,000 Scholarship = $6,389
  • B.  Or, 12 monthly installments $585
  • C.  Or, 18 monthly installments $405


Graduate Certification Programs

Board Certification Programs – 5 Courses

Practitioner’s Certificate:  Board Certified Practitioner of Positive Psychology, Neuropsychology, Positive Neuropsychology, or Human Behavior

  • $8,198 – $5,000 Scholarship  =  $3,198
  • Or, 12 Monthly Installments of $317

Diplomate Certificate:  Board Certified Doctor of Positive Psychology, Neuropsychology, Positive Neuropsychology, or Human Behavior

  • $9,197 – $5,000 Scholarship = $4,197
  • Or, 12 Monthly Installments of $398


Published Author Program

Students are required to write a minimum 25 page paper for each of ten courses (2 page summaries per chapter per book).  Upon completion of the program, students will have written a minimum of 250 pages.  The compilation of these papers will constitute a record of what you have learned and how you plan on applying this new knowledge.   Your combined work will serve as a draft of your book to be published on Amazon.

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